Although R.Amin Mission began its workingin 2016, Haji Sultan Dhali Memorial Trust was set up for the advancement of education thought the Mission of rather it is none to say that its primary function for the development of human resources. Our main aim is to strengthen the economic base and all-round development of the merits of the poor and minority students of rural Bengal in afavorably atmosphere and proper attempt of searching the merits.

This institution is located at the village Chaltaberia, beside the Basirhat-Nazat main road and adjacent to Chaltaberia Bridge. It belongs to Hasnabad Police station. It is situated on five areas of land surrounded by boundary wall and in a placement echo friendly environment. It has been set up primarily as a fully residential educational institution. Its academic activities are started since 2017. Now it is on       for the next year 2018. Primarily students will be admitted according to their merits through an entrance examination from class V to class IX. Here, under runsame umbrella a B.Ed. college and a D.El.Ed college are also located. Here, wehave also the arrangement of training for TET and S.S.C. without any remuneration besides the courseof B.Ed and D.El.Ed. in future, a special training class will be arranged for the Entrance Examination in medical and Engineering departments. The main objective of this institution is to equalize the minority community with that of other majority communities with the help of advance technology, in science, arts, computer and other subjects, maintaining Islamic and customs.

Speeches of the Secretary

Dear Scholars,


                                All praises go to almighty Allah who has created the whole world mankind and has given them excellence, in whose thinking, acquiring of education arouse the value of real knowledge and Islamic thinking among men, who has given us the opportunity for vowing to take part in delivering the education.

                Education takes us from darkness to the trace of light. The society which has no education, is unable to keep up the stream of the advancement of the human life. Islam advices men to go far-off China for acquiring education is the one and only priority for the mankind for their all-out development. But it is a matter of regret that divided freedom or division of our country has compelled the backwardness of minority community of West Bengal. As well as India, socio-economically and educationally. As a result of country- division, a majority part of upper class and educated Muslims migrated to East Bengal. The most of the people who remained in this country belonged to poor and were illiterate and half- learned Muslim population. They had neither education nor money, and then they have been changed today into the backward class, as they could not crop up with the advanced society. So, it is the responsibility of one’s as well as our country’s to equalize that society which has lagged behind due to historical reasons. And for this, first of all, we need education, we need the education which will give us economic and socials safety by developing character as well as fulfilling the knowledge store of science and modern technology. So the intention which I have been cherishing from my student life, has made me very happy today to think and realized that my dream, after the retirement from my Govt. service is now on the way of fruitfulness.

                Co-operation and advice from all students, generations and well-wishers are earnestly desirable.


Yours humbly

Ruhul Amin Dhali

Former W.B.C.S (exe.)


Managing Committee


Speeches of the President

Dear Scholars,


                                Any educational institution raises its head depending on the local and regional socio-cultural needs. The president educational and society developing institution has multi various scope of education it is promised for the enhancement of human resources and society. This institution’s activities started only to be upheld the symbol of humanity, perpetuating the Islamic heritage through the timely education that is overall development of education, awareness, making responsibilities and developing character. I hope that in future the students of this institution by the side of education and culture will be capable to establish him-selves as responsible citizens, possessing tolerance and free thinking, responsible in respect of economic, political and religious matters.


AlhajSamser Ali Sarder


Managing Committee